As a father, I searched for an opportunity to break the chain of mediocrity and poverty not only for us as parents but also for future generations to come. Our Herbalife journey started in August 2011. Charni our oldest daughter, 17 at the time and still in school, aspired to embark on a medical career. We took the opportunity to get involved in Herbalife to build her a part-time business with the potential to earn some additional income that will support her in her studies.

We went to Senior Consultant in our first month (August 2011). Being a full-time Professional Town Planning Consultant restricted our time spent in the business but we still managed the level Success builder (42%) in our second month (September 2011) and Fully Qualified Supervisor in our fourth month (November 2011).

After school, Charni decided to take a gap year and we became focussed on building a team and managed to qualify Global Expansion Team in March 2015 with 16 Supervisors in our first 3 lines. Charni qualified Global Expansion team as well in the same year at the age of 21 and decided not to study but to build an international business with the Herbalife Opportunity.

The IndaBush Wellness Group was established with an organization of around 200 members and about 25 Supervisors. A close-knit family developed as the group expanded and a few leaders emerged building strong teams within the group. The IndaBush Wellness Group gave us all a sense of belonging. A support system started to form around South Africa wherein we, as members, could support, motivate, inspire and cheer each other on.

Good friendly competition urged each of us to do a little bit better and eventually evolved into a monthly leader board and our yearly IndaBush price giving events comprising of numerous certificates and trophies.

Simone, our second daughter, joined us at the age of 16 in 2017 to build a secondary income opportunity that would help with future studies. Charni got married and Hennie then joined the ranks to complete the picture and form the IndaBush First Family. At this time I decided to retire from my Town Planning practice and embark on the journey with my family full time. Our dream is to build a family business and create financial security for all future generations to come. Simone and Hennie brought extra skills and personalities into the team that could now eventually think of supporting an organization and inspire thousands of people to reach their dreams.

Only one person to go to complete the picture. We are looking forward to the day when we will be able to retire MOM from her Compliance practice to help us and enjoy the journey with us.

The team is ready and the time is perfect to formalize a complete support system that will enhance the already comprehensive international support system of Herbalife Nutrition.

We recognize the importance of Organizational/Group support for all Individual members and teams in the group. The purpose of this support system is to empower all members and enable each of us to spend maximum time on service delivery to our customers with all support material available to us in a convenient place and format.

The group support also creates a rhythm of events and training scheduled on weekly and monthly intervals where we can all tap into and take full advantage of the group energy and momentum. In this we aim to teach, support, motivate, inspire, and recognize all member achievements. We will celebrate everything small and big. Together we will empower each other to make our dreams a reality.

Herbalife Nutrition is not a ME business but WE business and therefore each of us needs all of us to make each of us successful.