There were many amazing topics covered at the leadership development weekend in August 2020. It is different when you are on the call than reading about it from someone else because I may not note certain things you may have needed to hear. Many of the pointers stood out to me.

The entire weekend comprised training that outlined what a leader does and is. A person who is a master at time management and identifying what is urgent and what is less so.

They trained us on the flow we should follow with a customer to get them to be active members. That flow you can personalize to how you handle your customers, but a system is still essential.

We heard success stories from successful people on multiple levels. There was also training on how your organization should look like and how it should grow if you would want a successful business in a shorter time frame.

The real training was from Bastos an executive president’s team member from Italy.

Covering what it is to be a leader from his perspective built from his experience in the business.

The pointers that stood out to me was:

Expand your capacity to handle a bigger number of people. Businesses start small but preparing for growth and uncontrollable momentum is important for a stable business.

A good leader is a ‘natural’ leader that develops through results. Getting their own results and strive for the same with others. Sharing the opportunity and knowledge. Making the goal known and getting everyone to share the same path. As a team and individuals. A leader that is manipulative can be successful, but it is not the favored trait of a leader. A manipulative leader desired control and is ego-driven. They do not create a team for support and because of equal ambition but more for their own individual ambitions. A natural leader has a shared ambition with its team.

Being logical and acting unemotionally to problems is the actions of a genuine leader. Emotional influence erodes royalties and stunts the growth of your business.

Holding on to everyone is not always beneficial for you or them. It may not be their time and it does not mean to cut ties, but to understand. To be a friend. You can not help everyone if they do not want to help. You show the opportunity, that is what you can do. When their maturity in ambition matches your own, they will come back.

Productivity does not always equal the same amount of work. You can work the entire day and only produce a small amount of productivity. Being productive means to accumulate a certain amount of effort and work that influences your life tomorrow. Productivity is the key to growth and you need to make sure your work is productive.

Certain issues or problems that occur in your team need to be fixed and isolated immediately. It is your team, so it is your responsibility. Talking to the sponsor and fixing the problem as fast as possible prevents the spread of said issue. It should not influence or hinder other people in your organization.

Expanding your own capabilities & knowledge the more potential your team has. Associating yourself with people with more experience than yourself guarantees that you learn from them. People are almost always willing to share their knowledge, successful people, especially because that is how they too became successful.

You need to have common sense. You do not have to educate yourself on every topic to react logically or work ethically.

Share the basic undeniable facts! It creates not only trust but a lot of excitement in its own way. They need to see the company you learn from and the company that makes your award-winning products. You’re the door. Keeping it simple with what you know, what you share, and how you work makes it duplicatable.

Acknowledge the value of the products and the company regularly. Never forget it.

Overthinking can be destructive. You need to control your negative thoughts.

Lead by example. There are some things you just cannot teach because to teach you have to know what you’re doing. Some things are natural. Leading by example means people can learn from seeing and hearing. A good leader does what its team members do.

Challenges and difficulties are individual. Life does not create a problem for you. Sometimes it is your lack of knowledge on something or how you react that creates the problem. That is why you learn.

Never keep your knowledge to yourself. If you learnt from an experience and you paid for it, why let your team members go through the same thing. AS a leader, you want all of them to be successful.

A leader is unemotional in its tactical actions but simultaneously vulnerable. You need to be empathetic but calculating. Finding balance is something you can only learn through practice.

You need to be teachable. That is why too much knowledge can be dangerous. Not just over sharing and scaring people away but also believing you already know enough. You will always learn something new. Grow with your team. To find someone just as motivated and desperate to learn as you, you need to be teachable.

“To find a student you have to be a student.”

As a leader, I believe we need to not directly help everyone by donating money etc. but we need to give everyone we meet the opportunity to take a step forward with us. Follow the same path!

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