Stronger Together

Everyone underestimates the impact a group of people can have. Trying to create a trend or changing something small takes numbers. Overpowering the other voices and drowning them out. A force that invades.

You and your group need to work together to affect the community. One person walking around with a candle can light his own path, but their sight is limited, and lighting the path for others is possible but not as impactful. You’re both struggling to see even if you are the one holding the candle. If an entire group were to plan on all holding a lit candle each, you can light up a town. Timing and teamwork are all there is to it.

Lighting the path for others and for yourself. It makes your candle seem much brighter. If there was only one lit candle and no more matches, when that candle dies it dies. When there is an entire group of lit candles and yours were to burn out, there would be candles waiting to light yours again.

A group has such an overwhelming presence in a community it is hard to miss it. Be proud of the group or team your in. Do not be afraid to talk about it. You will be stronger in a group who strive for the same thing.

A group with momentum, moving together, and working together often move faster together. There is support but also underlying respect and confidence that comes with it. You are part of something bigger than yourself. People have a lot more trust in you when they see the massive company supporting you and that you’re a part of. Your team does the same thing.

An entire community of people with unique talents. It is a source of unique ideas. One powerful team with many parts.

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