Fisherman VS Crayfish.

I will tell you a story… A story of a fisherman and a lesson. A lesson of perseverance and dreams.

A fisherman walks on the beach in the early morning, as per usual routine. Watching the sunrise to its rightful place. In his hand, he carries a bucket. A bucket full of crayfish he caught that very morning to sell at the market. The money he received was to be used to feed his family.

He continues walking towards the market with high hopes, ignoring the rustling of creatures in the bucket completely.

A stranger who he assumes was on his morning walk, passes him. As he passes there a few polite words exchanged and a customary nod. Thinking that was the end of their interaction he hears a voice call him and assumes the stranger would like to have a conversation about the weather. He begrudgingly turns around.

The stranger inquires with a thoughtful glance as he now has his attention, “Watch out sir, one of your crayfish is escaping the bucket.”

Looking into the bucket he noticed that one was grasping the rim of the bucket and could already see its freedom.

Directing his attention back towards the stranger he replied confidently, “Don’t you worry sir, his friends will pull him back into the bucket in no time.”

The stranger was speechless, and his face showed signs of confusion. The fisherman only smiled and continued walking.

Just as the fisherman had said the other crayfish pulled the almost free crayfish back into the bucket. The fisherman did not spare the bucket full of crayfish a glance.

We want to escape our buckets/circumstances. We almost have freedom in our grasp but there are times when friends and family members will pull us back.

You can prevent this from happening if you have a support group on the outside that is pulling harder. A support group that wants to see you succeed. People that believe in you and people on the same journey with you. Maybe people with a few years more experience with goals and plans.

Escaping the clutches of people who don’t want you to succeed is not a simple task, only if you do it alone. It is nice to know that there are always people who would not hesitate to help you succeed. If you look long enough, you’ll find them!

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