Connecting two unrelated themes.

Why are we discussing this? It may seem irrelevant but to connect things together, to show their dependency in unexpected circumstances, is what a businessman/woman does.

Connecting ethical behavior to how much your business will thrive. This might be an obvious example but many in the beginning try to cut corners which mainly affects the ethical side of things. Instant growth in your business is what many people crave more than sustainable growth built based on ethical behavior.

Another example would be connecting your personal growth to how the business is seen by the public. You can completely ignore personal development and deem it unnecessary but what you do not see is that people notice you. The face for your business is on display so why would it not be the first thing people notice. Your business thrives on personal relationships that rely on people knowing you and interacting with you.

There is the case of connecting your personality to the people you recruit and attract. It includes your own personal results. You attract people like you and you may have noticed this by now. Constantly reminding yourself of this connection is vital! WHY?

Well, if you were to develop yourself, trying new things, getting new results, talking to different people than your use too, then you would expand your circle of influence!

It attracts a bigger variety of people. You may not think it is beneficial, but building a team of people with many strengths and interests almost guarantees a strong and influential team.

Differences lead to arguments, yes, but with personal growth, all of you as a team will solve them and move past them!

There are too many examples out there to discuss now, but it is your job to go find them. Making these connections will only give you more understanding of how the business works. Some are obvious but writing them down is still better because you become more aware if you see what you have written.

Solving a puzzle is easy if you have all the pieces but for many, they do not have some of these pieces. We try to bring awareness to many of them. We discuss them but if you were to search for them from mentors and your experiences you will grow faster. You’ll never stop learning and the puzzle will get bigger. Would it not be great though if you already built a small part of it when you start to just add on too.

Get a picture and work off it like a schematic to build from.

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