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We are a Family

The IndaBush Wellness Community is dedicated to developing and maintaining a group support system. It adds more value to the already comprehensive Herbalife Nutritional Support System, with the aim to empower all members reach their goals on a part-time or full-time journey.

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25 Jan 2022
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There were many amazing topics covered at the leadership development weekend in August 2020. It is different when you are on the call than reading about it from someone else because I may not note certain things you may have needed to hear. Many of the pointers stood out to me. The entire weekend comprised …


Stronger Together

Everyone underestimates the impact a group of people can have. Trying to create a trend or changing something small takes numbers. Overpowering the other voices and drowning them out. A force that invades. You and your group need to work together to affect the community. One person walking around with a candle can light his …

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Fisherman VS Crayfish.

I will tell you a story‚Ķ A story of a fisherman and a lesson. A lesson of perseverance and dreams. A fisherman walks on the beach in the early morning, as per usual routine. Watching the sunrise to its rightful place. In his hand, he carries a bucket. A bucket full of crayfish he caught …

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